Burn iso image with wodim

 2017-03-27 -  mschulte.nl

Burning iso images on the command line can be done with wodim. `wodim -v dev=/dev/sr0 -data /full/path/to/image.iso` Replace /dev/sr0 with full path to the cd-writer. Many systems have an alias /dev/cdrom for the cd-writer. The correct name of the cd-writer can be found with wodim --devices.

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Connecting to the console with Remote Desktop RDP

 2017-02-10 -  mschulte.nl

Connecting to a remote Windows computer In order to connect to a remote Windows computer you most likely want to use remote desktop (RDP). Selecting Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Remote Desktop Connection will provide you with an input mask. Here you enter the name or ip address of the remote computer. Sometimes it is necessary to connect directly to the console of the remote computer. One example is industrial automation software like Siemens WinCC or Rockwell Studio 5000.

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Reload .zshrc

 2015-08-24 -  mschulte.nl

– In order to reload the .zshrc there are two possibilities: source ~/.zshrc . ~/.zshrc

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Using powerline in PuTTY

 2014-08-19 -  mschulte.nl

Normally I am working on a Linux machine using vim and tmux with the powerline  statusline plugin. However, sometimes I am forced to work on a windows machine. Whenever possible I open a ssh connection with PuTTY to my Linux machine to work remote on it. It turned out that the fonts of powerline were not displayed correctly. To fix this, I did the following modifications: Download the patched fonts . I chose DejaVuSansMono as my font since I like it most.

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tmux vi mode

 2014-08-09 -  mschulte.nl

To enable vi mode in tmux add the following in ~/.tmux.conf set-window-option -g mode-keys vi

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CSS using divs

 2014-08-07 -  mschulte.nl

In order to make a container div as high as <div style="display: block; clear: both;"></div> With courtesy to: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1844207/how-to-make-a-div-to-wrap-two-float-divs-inside

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