Using powerline in PuTTY

Normally I am working on a Linux machine using vim and tmux with the powerline statusline plugin. However, sometimes I am forced to work on a windows machine. Whenever possible I open a ssh connection with PuTTY to my Linux machine to work remote on it.

It turned out that the fonts of powerline were not displayed correctly.

To fix this, I did the following modifications:

  1. Download the patched fonts. I chose DejaVuSansMono as my font since I like it most.
  2. Install this font in Windows to make it accessible for all programs.
  3. Open PuTTY and make changes to the settings:
  4. Under appearance select the patched font
  5. Select font quality Clear Type
  6. Under Translation select character set UTF-8
  7. Apply settings and restart the PuTTY session

If everything worked well, powerline should be displayed correctly in PuTTY.

tmux vi mode

Vi mode in tmux

To enable vi mode in tmux add the following in ~/.tmux.conf

set-window-option -g mode-keys vi

CSS using divs

CSS using divs

In order to make a container div as high as

<div style="display: block; clear: both;"></div>

With courtesy to: